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We would be delighted to attend to any enquiry about meeting your packaging needs.

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About Ayrpak

Our Value Proposition to You

We see our key points of difference as being:

  1. Very knowledgeable, experienced packaging specialists who are there for our clients.
  2. Solutions based approach. Our experience and knowledge will
    • eradicate hassles of dealing with several providers
    • enable clients to have all their packaging and hygiene needs met by one provider
    • assist to create a point of difference to client's value proposition for their clients.
  3. In direct contact with the market, thus identifying trends and evolving needs, leading to product development
  4. In constant continued access to the widest possible and latest range of packaging products at competitive prices.
  5. Specialists in food & beverage packaging, but taking care to offer further support with an extensive range of general packaging and hygiene product.
  6. "Regional" or comparatively small, allowing flexibility to adapt to market needs. We avoid the "sales staff by numbers" and "me too" approach to clients.
  7. Independent of manufacturers. We are not tied to the imperatives of manufacturing groups yet we are large enough to maintain privileged buying status with suppliers.
  8. An online ordering service. The website provides clients with an extensive catalogue of products and a convenient, speedy buying solution. Orders can still be placed in person at our warehouse, by email, fax or phone!
  9. Driven by prompt delivery. We have very experienced staff taking orders, offering solutions, warehousing and despatching, aiming for delivery to you within 24 hours. We use our own van for deliveries throughout the Wellington area on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Delivery costs are kept to a bare minimum. If we are delivering 1 carton or 10 cartons to you using our van, why should we multiply our delivery charge when we are coming to your premises anyway, so same cost for 1 carton or 10 cartons. We use couriers and bulk transport for deliveries throughout the country and these costs are passed on at our cost.
  10. A provider of the exciting KiwiGreenPak natural, biodegradable and compostable range of food packaging. This is the way of the now and future for food packaging; eminently tactile, attractive,  great to eat off, similar pricing to comparative foam and plastic products, and of course it is environmentally sustainable. It will further serve to demonstrate to your clients that you are enviro friendly.
  11. Passionate about packaging, to getting it right for clients and the environment and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our clients think we are pretty good at what we do.
We deliver.