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Ayrpak consolidates Importing & Distribution

Added: Wednesday August 28th 2013

During the early part of this year, a change took place behind the scenes to consolidate the operations of Ayrpak Limited, Imports GT Ltd (trading as KiwiGreenPak) and FAC Ltd

Ayrpak has always been a wholesale dsitributor dealing business to business and with pretty much anyone who walks through the showroom door. KiwiGreenPak is the brand of products imported by Imports GT Ltd which are distributed through Ayrpak and a number of other selected distributors throughout the country. Fac Products Ltd is a specialist importer of Packaging machinery.

Until now, these operations have been run independently but now have been brought together to form Ayrpak KGP Ltd. All the functions of these entities are now run by Ayrpak KGP Ltd.

During the remaiining part of the year, the next phase of this consolidation will take place. This will involve the bringing together of products and services in to the one entity and launching a new web site with new cloud based software to better handle the requirements of inventory control, accounting, customer relationship management, sales & marketing, online shopping for new businesses and online self management of existing customer accounts.

More news on this project will be posted as it happens.