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The Rise of environmentally friendly products

Added: Thursday February 18th 2010

Ayrpak is at the forefront of providing disposable products for this change in consumer demand. We continue to look for new products and work with manufacturers to develop products that are environmentally responsible. Many new products are on the horizon that will change the way we do things for the better.

Ayrpak are dedicated to providing new alternatives to replace some of the old materials that have turned out to be not so good for us. Many of the plastics we use in every day life have been proven to be bad for us (think bisphenol-a). Where-ever possible we try to discourage people from using these plastics because of their obvious health disadvantages. There are now alternatives which are without a doubt, so much better for our health and for the environment at large. If you doubt these comments you should check out

I know its a long link but it works and its worth watching.

When you consider that the material used to produce these new environmentally friendly products (efp's - too long to type so now known as efp's) in some cases reproduce year after year (i.e bamboo), makes you wonder why we haven't been using these products for years. While plastic resin prices continue to rise and continue to deplete our ever decreasing resources, these plant materials will continue to grow as long as we have sunshine and water. And the longer we keep producing these plastics, the quicker we'll be out of the all important sunshine and water.

There are now perfectly acceptable and comparably priced replacements for foam products that we have always used like hamburger clamshells and chinese takeaway containers, foam cups and foam plates. I'm amazed that we simply haven't banned these unhealthy and environmentally damaging products altogether. When you consider there is no suitable means of disposing of these used and contaminated foam products, you will recognise that we have a problem at the other end as well. If you've already checked out the link above, you'll see where it all ends up. And to be fair, it doesn't look good.

So lets all do something about it and change to EFP'S wherever we can. Give Ayrpak a call to find out the latest and be surprised at how easy it is to change.