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Lone Worker First Aid KitFAK010NIS

Lone Worker First Aid Kit

All places of work, such as the following Lone Workers: Electricians, Plumbers, Gardeners, Midwives, Couriers and Delivery Vehicles, etc (must have by law at their place of work first aid kit.

Kit Contains

Disposable Triangle Bandage, Eye Pad,Wound Dressing, Non Adherent Dressing 5x7.5cm, Gauze Swabs 2s Sterile 7.5x7.5cm 12ply,Crepe Bandage, Paper Tape 1.25cm, Fabric Plasters, First Aid Tweezers, Wire Scissors, Antiseptic Wipes, CPR Face Shield, Latex Disposable Gloves, Basic First aid Data Sheet, Aids/Hepatitis Label, Soft Pouch

Product Code: FAK010NIS

Quantity: 1/each

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